UV Safety: Here are the basics

July is UV Safety month, and for good reason. Nothing can ruin a summer vacation quicker than a summer vacation sunburn!  We’ve been cooped up inside for months on end, and our skin will be quick to burn when we finally get out to enjoy the long, sunny days.  Try some of these UV safety tips this summer!

SPF 100

100% cotton, that is! Wearing lightweight cotton clothing protects your skin from harmful UV rays, and if you are sensitive to the sun, or sunscreen, this is your best bet. 


Look cool AND protect your eyes at the same time, it’s a win-win. Remember to look for the UVA/UVB protection kind. 

Time of Day

Plan to be inside somewhere between 12pm and 4pm, when the sun is at its hottest. The Spanish have a little nap after lunch.  Be more like the Spanish.

Little by little

Try to expose yourself to the sun in short increments at first.  


Go for a minimum of SPF 50 for kids.  Sensitive skin? Look for the ones that are zinc oxide or titanium dioxide based. 

Extra caution when swimming

A refreshing swim can easily let us forget that water magnifies the sun’s rays.  Take particular care when around water to protect your skin and eyes. Reapply sunscreen more often when you have been swimming.

More ideas for keeping the whole family safe while in the sun.

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