Sitter Safety Tips

Here at OPEAR, we’re committed to the safety of the children in our care, but also you, the OPEARs. Please review our safety guidelines before your first booking begins.

  • Don’t give a child any medicine without specific instruction.
  • Don’t leave kids alone in the house or yard, even for a minute.
  • Don’t leave kids unattended near water. Infants and small children can drown in only a few inches of water, even in a bucket or toilet.
  • Don’t feed kids under 4 years old popcorn, nuts, hard candy, raw carrots, or any hard, smooth foods that can block the windpipe and cause choking. Foods such as hot dogs or grapes should never be served whole and should be chopped into very small pieces (skin should also be removed from hot dogs).
  • Don’t let kids play with plastic bags, latex balloons, coins, or other small objects that they could choke on.
  • Don’t let kids play near stairs, windows, stoves, or electrical outlets.