Parent Safety Tips

Opear is 100% committed to the safety of the children in our care. In addition to familiarizing yourself with out Safety Commitment and Provider Screening Policy, here’s what YOU can do to be a savvy patient:

Do Your Homework:

  1. Read parent reviews: See what other parents who’ve hired a caregiver have to say. Their performance and personality insights can help you decide if someone is a good fit for your family.
  2. Look for clues online: Chances are your potential caregiver has several online profiles such as a public LinkedIn page or a listing on their company / university website. 

Be Aware:

  1. Always be present when an Opear MD is examining your child.
  2. Watch for child warning signs that might indicate something more serious than a poor match, including:
    • Child’s behavior changes drastically (becomes excessively clingy or aggressive)
    • Child loses appetite or starts having recurrent nightmares
    • Child becomes unusually apprehensive about receiving medical care
    • If you observe these or any other warning signs, take action immediately by alerting the authorities if necessary, consulting a professional, and alerting Opear to your concerns.
  3. Ask your children open-ended questions about their experience, but try not to judge or lead during the discussion. Respect your children’s feelings and always take them seriously – especially their negative comments.