Parent Safety Tips

Opear is 100% committed to the safety of the children in our care. Please review our safety guidelines before your first booking begins and print this page for your records:

Do Your Homework:

  1. Read parent reviews: See what other parents who’ve hired a caregiver have to say. Their performance and personality insights can help you decide if someone is a good fit for your family.
  2. Check references: Though Opear has already completed this step, parents are welcome to reach out to any references listed on a caregiver’s profile.
  3. Look for clues online: Chances are your potential caregiver has several online profiles that can provide clues about their personality and hobbies. Search their name online and check out social media activity to spot any red flags.

Be Aware:

  1. Always be present when an Opear MD is examining your child.
  2. Watch for child warning signs that might indicate something more serious than a poor match, including:
    • Child’s behavior changes drastically (becomes excessively clingy or aggressive)
    • Child develops unexplained bruises, cuts, or burns
    • Child loses appetite or starts having recurrent nightmares
    • Child acts disinterested when caregiver arrives
    • If you observe these or any other warning signs, take action immediately by visiting a professional and alerting the authorities if necessary.
  3. Ask your children open-ended questions about their experience, but try not to judge or lead during the discussion. Respect your children’s feelings and always take them seriously – especially their negative comments.