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On-Demand Caregivers

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Welcome to OPEAR!


Empathy, compassion, kindness and love: That’s what it takes to raise a child, whether you’re a parent or a caregiver. At OPEAR, we believe the caregiver is an extension of you, the parent.

If it takes a village to raise a child, we’re here to be your village… times 10.

Who We Are

OPEAR is the first on-demand, app-based provider of caregivers, nurses and buddies. We’ve created an app that pairs parents who need childcare with qualified, fully vetted caregivers looking for immediate opportunities. Every one of our caregivers undergoes a comprehensive background check, and we check references too! We pride ourselves on providing you with the safest experience possible so you can enjoy total peace of mind.

Our Vision

We set out  to build a community of hope, love, and support. We’re parents, and we know how hard it can be to leave your children with someone new. Not to mention how hard it can be to pay top dollar for excellent childcare!

At OPEAR, we don’t ask you to choose. Our app allows you to select a caregiver that meets your needs at a price that’s clear from the start—no guessing, no haggling, no hidden extra charges.

We connect parents who need quality childcare with those licensed caregivers at the push of a button.

When life happens, OPEAR is an extension of you!