About Opear

Pediatric House Calls, Anytime You Call

Who We Are

Opear MD is the first on-demand, app-based provider of in-home pediatric care.

Thanks to our easy-to-use app, families now have access to a network of certified medical professionals without the frustration of waiting rooms or the risk of unnecessary exposure to germs.

Think of Opear MD as an extension of your pediatrician’s office; whether your child needs an antibiotic prescription fast or an ear infection exam without the risk of catching a cold, we connect you with licensed New York house call providers – including doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants – at the push of a button. Pediatric care has never been easier.

Our Vision

Opear MD was founded to give parents peace of mind. When our children were sick, we had two options: take off work and sit in the doctor’s office for hours, or rush them to urgent care after hours for twice the cost. Either way, we hated the idea of exposing our kids to worse sicknesses than they went in with.

Families deserve better. Now, thanks to Opear, you can have convenient and high-quality health testing without the risk and the runaround.


Did you know that the seckel pear is also known as a “baby pear”? It’s also the perfect way to sum up Opear’s commitment to your babies:

  • Safety:  Opear only approves caregivers that we would trust with our own families; each one has passed a rigorous background, reference, and credential check. 
  • Experience: Every Opear MD is a licensed and insured medical professional who is able to write prescriptions.
  • Comfort: When a child is sick, there’s no place more comfortable in their home.
  • Kindness: Excellent bedside manner is what we’re known for. We care for – and about – every child as if they were our own.
  • Efficiency: Care and convenience aren’t mutually exclusive. Families deserve a better solution for all that ails you!
  • Love: A parent’s love is the best medicine. As parents ourselves, no one knows this better than us.