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Help! My Nanny Quit! How to Find a Nanny Quickly

Did your nanny quit unexpectedly? Don't panic. Read on to see three options for finding a nanny quickly.

When you arrived at work this morning, it was just another Wednesday. But when you arrived home this evening and your nanny gave her notice effective immediately, it became the Wednesday when everything was turned upside down. You graciously accepted your nanny’s resignation, because, well, that’s what you do as an employer. But your mind was spinning one hundred miles an hour by the time she had even made it out the front door.  How are you going to find a nanny by tomorrow? What about tomorrow’s work meeting? What about that off-site on Friday? Will you even be able to attend the CEO’s talk on Monday that you are supposed to attend? And what about the vacation time you’ve been saving up all year to take that much-needed vacation?

If you’re a full-time, working parent who can afford to take time off for an unforeseen break in your childcare situation, you’re one of the very few. Most of us simply can’t afford the luxury of taking plenty of leave until we can hire a nanny who’s the perfect replacement for the previous one. But obviously, you aren’t willing to leave your children with just anyone! So what are your options in a situation like this? Although losing your nanny, especially if it’s abrupt, can be one of the most stressful childcare situations, we’re here to help you explore your options and figure out the best way to find a nanny that you feel comfortable with.

Three Options for Finding a Nanny Quickly

Option #1: Use Your Current Nanny

Yes, we know that she’s just dropped a bomb on you. However, if she was a trusted nanny and your relationship with her was good, ask her if there’s any way she would be willing to give you some time to hire a nanny in her place. Explain that if she could give two week’s notice, it would give you time to find someone you trust. Even if she’s able to work the rest of the week, you could at least start looking for a babysitter as a temporary option until you can hire a nanny. Either way, having the conversation with your nanny may help her to better understand your situation. And for the future, consider writing that a nanny must give two week’s notice into your caregiver contract to avoid being left in the lurch again.

Option #2: Hire Temporary Help

Your options here are only as limited as you make them. Consider your friends with kids that live nearby. What type of childcare arrangement do they have? If any of them have either a live-in nanny or a full-time nanny arrangement similar to yours, perhaps their nanny would be open to a nanny share. A nanny share is exactly what it sounds like; two or more families share a nanny, and the nanny gets paid more for watching additional kids. The bonus for parents here is that your child would be cared for by someone whom your friends already trust. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Another option is to start looking for a babysitter as soon as you find yourself without a nanny. Or maybe you already have a great babysitter or two that you use for evenings and weekends while your nanny is off. A babysitter will allow you to continue working while you begin the process to hire a nanny.

Option #3: Use a Caregiver Service

If you’re wondering how to find a nanny who’s reputable, fully vetted and background checked, the best way to find a nanny may be through a caregiver service. There are several online or app-based caregiver services that have a staff of pre-screened nannies and babysitters looking for work. You’ll have to do your homework here, since not all services are created equal. Read reviews and talk to your friends who have used one of these services to get a sense of others’ experiences, and then interview several candidates to find out if they will be a good fit for your family.


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