House Calls are More Important than Ever

Head of Marketing

At the direction of the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization, experts are recommending ‘social distancing’ and self-quarantine as a means of slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. But what does this mean for family’s health care?

We believe that house calls are a crucial component of social distancing and an absolute necessity to keep healthcare facilities clear for those who need them the most. We also believe that we have a social responsibility to use our technology for social good, rather than profiting off those that need our assistance. For this reason, Opear will temporarily waive all membership fees for both parents and providers, and open up our platform to patients of all ages.

A standard $150 house call fee will still apply, but will go directly to your provider to offset their medical supplies, travel, and round-the-clock efforts during this high-demand time.

For parents, this means that if your child has a sore throat or ear infection, you can receive at-home care without risking contamination in a public waiting room.

For providers, this means doing our part to make social distancing a safer and more accessible option for families, in turn preventing the overload of our healthcare workers and facilities.

Together, we can help flatten the curve, alleviating the burden on our medical system and promoting better outcomes for New York families. We urge you to join us and spread the word!

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