How to Host a Worry-Free Holiday Party at Your Home

Are you thinking of hosting a holiday party?  Between working, corralling the kids, and keeping up with the housework, the day-to-day grind is hard enough that many people shudder at the prospect of hosting a holiday party on top of it all.  I hear you.  Plus, I don’t know about you, but ever since becoming […]

Best Holiday Gifts For Your Sitter

You’ve done it.  You’ve found the perfect sitter! You know the one- the one whose phone number you’ve either superglued to your fridge, or more likely, seared into your memory. When they arrive the kids are happy, you’re happy, and to top it off this babysitter, nay lifesaver, always seems to be available when you […]

12 date ideas for parents

12 Creative Date Ideas for Parents

A positive relationship can be a strong foundation for a happy family, but after a while, “dating” just isn’t what it used to be. Often, we fall in love with our partners over the new exciting experiences that we shared together. Maybe we were learning about their interesting hobbies, or maybe we just had the…

7 Steps for Dealing with Mom Guilt

If you are a mom, chances are you have felt the pangs of mom guilt.  The extent to which we have felt it differs from person to person. Some of us feel the guilt like a small, annoying insect buzzing around our ear.  Some of us drown in it. Wherever you are on this spectrum,…

Friendships, Now That We’re Parents

How old is your oldest friendship? In what ways has it changed over the years? What makes a good friend? Did you lose or make friends in direct correlation to your debut into parenthood? I think most of us had and lost dozens of friendships in childhood.  This is normal, because often what constitutes a…

Last-minute child care

Last-Minute Child Care Solutions You Can Count On

Parenting without a back-up plan is like tempting Murphy’s Law to pay you a visit. Prepare for any situation by making a plan for last-minute child care. Isn’t it great when everything works according to plan and things run smoothly? Parents have enough on their plates to worry about unforeseen circumstances, but we’ve certainly all […]

Local babysitter for last-minute child care

Local Babysitter: A Good Option for Last-minute Child Care?

  Parents—what does your childcare network look like? If you’re like most parents, you’ve probably got a local babysitter or two (or even three!) lined up. That’s helpful in order to avoid being left in the lurch when you need last-minute child care. And most of the time, your arrangement probably works just fine. If one sitter is […]

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