UV Safety: Here are the basics

July is UV Safety month, and for good reason. Nothing can ruin a summer vacation quicker than a summer vacation sunburn!  We’ve been cooped up inside for months on end, and our skin will be quick to burn when we finally get out to enjoy the long, sunny days.  Try some of these UV safety…

For 5 Minutes of Peace and Quiet

It’s the end of a long day, at the end of a long week, your cozy, comfortable bed is calling, nay screaming your name... but the kids don't seem to be tired at all and are in fact running around with enough zeal to make the Energizer Bunny look like a lethargic turtle.  [embed][/embed] What…

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youth sports

Youth Sports Week + Finding a sports team for your kid in NYC

It’s National Youth Sports Week, which is a great opportunity to highlight the advantages of getting the kiddos involved in a sport.   Developmental Advantages of Youth Sports Sports practice, training, and games fall into the category of ‘structured play’.  This type of play is great for kids for many developmental reasons. Bringing children together to […]

Check for Group B Strep in weeks 35-37

Group B Strep: What Expecting Moms Should Know

Group B Strep and Expecting Moms What does strep have anything to do with expecting moms you think? Most of you hear ‘strep’ and, like me, think ‘sore throat’.  Group B Strep (GBS) is absolutely NOT that. It has less to do with the throat and more to do with the, shall we say, exit. […]

12 date ideas for parents

12 Creative Date Ideas for Parents

A positive relationship can be a strong foundation for a happy family, but after a while, “dating” just isn’t what it used to be. Often, we fall in love with our partners over the new exciting experiences that we shared together. Maybe we were learning about their interesting hobbies, or maybe we just had the…

7 Steps for Dealing with Mom Guilt

If you are a mom, chances are you have felt the pangs of mom guilt.  The extent to which we have felt it differs from person to person. Some of us feel the guilt like a small, annoying insect buzzing around our ear.  Some of us drown in it. Wherever you are on this spectrum,…

Friendships, Now That We’re Parents

How old is your oldest friendship? In what ways has it changed over the years? What makes a good friend? Did you lose or make friends in direct correlation to your debut into parenthood? I think most of us had and lost dozens of friendships in childhood.  This is normal, because often what constitutes a…

Book Review: The Guilt Free Guide to Motherhood

The Guilt Free Guide to Motherhood: Trusting yourself as a mother, through pregnancy and the baby years. Sometimes I feel like I’m not living up to my idea of what makes a good mom. My kids don’t like school and cry when I drop them off.  Sometimes they go to daycare after school- meaning a […]

Raising Kids and Finding Balance: How to Prioritize the Important Stuff

Are you trying to fit everything into your schedule? Are you missing the days when you could do pretty much whatever you wanted? Frustrated and feeling like you can’t do anything, even a get together with some friends, without a major expedition including weeks of preparation? One of the biggest shifts in life comes after […]

Mom-to-Be? Here’s a Helpful Newborn Journal to Track Baby’s Progress

People are fond of saying, “enjoy these precious moments while you can!” when you’re walking around in those industrial sized hospital pads, delirious from sleep deprivation but saying that isn’t of much help to a mama. So here’s something that IS helpful: a newborn journal.  I used it after both of my births and it […]

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