school lunch recipes

School Lunch Recipes

In our last post you saw 4 ways to make school lunches less of a chore- hint: it has to do with organization.  Here are some ideas for easy school lunch recipes you can alter in a bunch of ways for variety AND make in advance! Recipes Trail Mix Good as an after school snack…

For 5 Minutes of Peace and Quiet

It’s the end of a long day, at the end of a long week, your cozy, comfortable bed is calling, nay screaming your name... but the kids don't seem to be tired at all and are in fact running around with enough zeal to make the Energizer Bunny look like a lethargic turtle.  [embed][/embed] What…

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school lunches

4 Tips for Making School Lunches Less of a Chore

It’s only the second week back at school and your resolve to make lunches for your kids everyday is disintegrating quicker than one of those paper lunch bags when they get wet.  You’re SO over packing school lunches that you’re ready to send your kids to school with a package of marshmallows. BUT, you want […]

read a book

National Read a Book Day: Opear’s Favorite Books!

Why Read a Book? Reading is how we acquire all our knowledge. Someone who has trouble reading has difficulty learning all other subject matter and of course navigating the real world becomes extremely challenging.  Comic books, cereal boxes, poems, short stories, encyclopedias, fact books, flashcards, newspapers, pop-up books, joke books, baseball cards, a good old […]

12 date ideas for parents

12 Creative Date Ideas for Parents

A positive relationship can be a strong foundation for a happy family, but after a while, “dating” just isn’t what it used to be. Often, we fall in love with our partners over the new exciting experiences that we shared together. Maybe we were learning about their interesting hobbies, or maybe we just had the…

7 Steps for Dealing with Mom Guilt

If you are a mom, chances are you have felt the pangs of mom guilt.  The extent to which we have felt it differs from person to person. Some of us feel the guilt like a small, annoying insect buzzing around our ear.  Some of us drown in it. Wherever you are on this spectrum,…

Friendships, Now That We’re Parents

How old is your oldest friendship? In what ways has it changed over the years? What makes a good friend? Did you lose or make friends in direct correlation to your debut into parenthood? I think most of us had and lost dozens of friendships in childhood.  This is normal, because often what constitutes a…

back to school annual wellness exam

Back to School Yearly Wellness Exams

The new school year is just around the corner which means it’s time for your kid to visit their pediatrician for a wellness exam. If they plan on participating in a sport, you can have their sports physical done at the same time, which is often why parents schedule wellness exams this time of year. […]

back to school anxiety

Back-to-School Checklist: #2 Pencils, Ruled Paper, Anxiety…

Back to School Anxiety I bet your kid is looking forward to school. But even if the general sentiment is of excitement and anticipation, they are bound to have some back to school anxiety for the new school year, no matter their age.   Preschool  They say that the first step to fixing a problem is […]

breast milk or formula for baby

Breast Milk, Breastfeeding, and Formula: The Pros and Cons

Congratulations! You’re gonna have a baby! Lots of people wonder at this point what they should feed their baby. Actually, the question shouldn’t be ‘what should I feed my baby?’ because that implies that there is a universal right or wrong answer.  I can’t really say it better than this quote from my new favorite […]

up the slide

Going Up the Slide: I’m all for it, are you?

Let’s not beat around the bush here.  We all know that of the many different parenting techniques out there, one of the most heated debates centers on slide etiquette.  When the kids are playing on the jungle gym or running around, we can stay on the sidelines, but once they start climbing up the slide, […]

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