Author: Meghan Burgain

When I was pregnant I got a baby jumper that installs in a doorframe. I saw pictures of me as a little baby loving life in my Johnny Jump Up and my mom encouraged me- said it was great when she needed her hands free to make dinner. However, though they are convenient, baby jumpers […]

In our last post you saw 4 ways to make school lunches less of a chore– hint: it has to do with organization.  Here are some ideas for easy school lunch recipes you can alter in a bunch of ways for variety AND make in advance! Recipes Trail Mix Good as an after school snack […]

It’s only the second week back at school and your resolve to make lunches for your kids everyday is disintegrating quicker than one of those paper lunch bags when they get wet.  You’re SO over packing school lunches that you’re ready to send your kids to school with a package of marshmallows. BUT, you want […]

Why Read a Book? Reading is how we acquire all our knowledge. Someone who has trouble reading has difficulty learning all other subject matter and of course navigating the real world becomes extremely challenging.  Comic books, cereal boxes, poems, short stories, encyclopedias, fact books, flashcards, newspapers, pop-up books, joke books, baseball cards, a good old […]

The new school year is just around the corner which means it’s time for your kid to visit their pediatrician for a wellness exam. If they plan on participating in a sport, you can have their sports physical done at the same time, which is often why parents schedule wellness exams this time of year. […]

Back to School Anxiety I bet your kid is looking forward to school. But even if the general sentiment is of excitement and anticipation, they are bound to have some back to school anxiety for the new school year, no matter their age.   Preschool  They say that the first step to fixing a problem is […]