Ah, spring! How we’ve missed you. Finally a break from the kids’ cabin fever, 2-hour snow delays, and worst of all, sick days. Or is it? While warmer weather generally brings about the end of flu season, there ARE several common spring illnesses that linger or peak in the mid-year months. (I know, moms just […]

Everything you need to know about the benefits of vitamins and how to get kids to take them. How Do I Know if My Kids Need Vitamins? First of all, not every child needs a daily multivitamin or supplement. If you have the time (ha) and resources and to plan perfectly balanced meals it’s very […]

4 Beneficial Yoga Poses for Kids Yoga for kids is catching on like wildfire. It *may* be because toting the babies to work out is the only way you can actually make time to work out…but we’re also catching on to the countless benefits for children’s bodies and minds. Whether your kids have tummy troubles, […]

For the past month or so, you haven’t been able to walk into a drugstore without seeing red, candy, and hearts, hearts, hearts, everywhere. And while I’m not sure when Valentine’s Day became Valentine’s Month, it IS an important month for hearts in general. Why? Because February is, in fact, American Heart Month! But what […]

When you have your first child, the doctors likely coached (or will coach) you on which vaccines your baby needs and when. One of the most well-known and necessary is the standard “MMR vaccine” which kids first get around 1 year old. But what is the MMR vaccine, what do you need to know about […]

When your kid gets sick, there’s really nothing pleasant about the experience. It can be messy, upsetting, and we hate to say it, but pretty inconvenient. Even if you’ve never experienced the benefits of house calls, their convenience is probably obvious. But there’s so much more to it. Aside from not having to leave home, […]