Author: Elysse C

Ah, summer camp. A right of passage where kids learn to swim, shoot bows and arrows (yikes) and get their first taste of independence. You’d love to enjoy the peace and quiet of your first kid-free week in who-knows-how-long…but you KNOW what they’re bringing back with them. Annoying songs that stick around for months. Art […]

If you’ve been to (and/or hosted) your share of baby showers, you know the drill: no lead-based toys, nothing flammable, etc. etc. But what if instead of worrying about purchases that won’t hurt, we chose gifts that actually help and heal? In honor of shower season, Opear has rounded up a few of our favorite wellness themed baby shower gifts.


Ah, spring! How we’ve missed you. Finally a break from the kids’ cabin fever, 2-hour snow delays, and worst of all, sick days. Or is it? While warmer weather generally brings about the end of flu season, there ARE several common spring illnesses that linger or peak in the mid-year months. (I know, moms just […]

Everything you need to know about the benefits of vitamins and how to get kids to take them. How Do I Know if My Kids Need Vitamins? First of all, not every child needs a daily multivitamin or supplement. If you have the time (ha) and resources and to plan perfectly balanced meals it’s very […]

4 Beneficial Yoga Poses for Kids Yoga for kids is catching on like wildfire. It *may* be because toting the babies to work out is the only way you can actually make time to work out…but we’re also catching on to the countless benefits for children’s bodies and minds. Whether your kids have tummy troubles, […]

For the past month or so, you haven’t been able to walk into a drugstore without seeing red, candy, and hearts, hearts, hearts, everywhere. And while I’m not sure when Valentine’s Day became Valentine’s Month, it IS an important month for hearts in general. Why? Because February is, in fact, American Heart Month! But what […]