Author: Christin Perry

In case you came here looking for the latest news about the flu vaccine (which, granted, I’m sure you didn’t but stick with me), you’re in luck, because there is some! And come to think of it, maybe that’s a good thing after last year’s insane flu season. So, ICYMI, it looks like scientists are […]

Flu season is all but over. Insert sigh of relief! But, it’s not too early to start thinking about whether and how you’ll protect yourself and your family from catching the flu once it starts to ramp up again in the fall. And regardless of your stance on the flu shot, we’re sure you would […]

Yesterday, my youngest child came within inches of getting hit by a car. I’d love to tell you that it was an avoidable tragedy; that I totally could have seen it coming. That I was neglectful, irresponsible, or not supervising her properly. But unfortunately, that isn’t what happened. My child almost lost her life in […]

Fever in kids is one of those funny topics where we think we’ve got everything figured out… until it happens. Then, we run around like chickens with our heads cut off going, “OMG, OMG, what do I do?” It’s a great way to make a mama lose her cool. Pardon the pun. So we’ve put […]

When it comes to medical care during pregnancy, most everything your doctor does is to manage both your health and baby’s at the same time. Most of us know to expect a mid-pregnancy ultrasound, a gestational diabetes test during the second trimester, and a Group B Strep test close to delivery. But did you know […]

Becoming a parent is tough. When you transition from being your own center of attention to having a little one become the center of your universe, it can easily throw things off kilter. But at some point, it all starts to even out and you think, “Okay, yes, I’ve got this. I can do this.” […]